Our mission is to improve the lives of Aboriginal youth and their families through traditional culture. Cultural affirmation creates a sense of identity, belonging, and anchors a bridge to mainstream Canadian culture. The Sacred Teachings of the Medicine Wheel promote self reflection, awareness, World view and a Way of Life journey, for Humanity. Mistik Waskihk means "Drum" and embraces a cultural foundation with emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being. We provide consulting and training to build Aboriginal-focused culturally-sensitive programs and provide ongoing support to ensure their continued success.

Your Medicine Wheel
"Indian music nurtures and sustains the soil of the Human Spirit"
- Chief Dan George

The Medicine Wheel is a circle divided into four directions with four colours; white, yellow, red, and black. For the four races of the world. It is the expression of an Aboriginal world view that fosters understanding and balance.  Medicine Wheel teachings is a personal journey to re-connect with Your Culture and a way of positively relating to the world around us.

Service Offering

  • Medicine Wheel training, facilitation and workshops for front line staff, families and youth in an individual or group format
  • Family dynamics group conferencing and workshops for individual families
  • Traditional family value life skills
  • Life coaching
  • Perception and communication skills and management
  • Youth/adult entrepreneur skills
  • Program-specific outcomes measurements
  • Accredited human services program design and delivery including group care
    • Receiving/assessment home
    • Pregnant teen
    • Youth at risk
    • High needs structured home
    • Sibling groups
    • Supported independent living and independent living home
    • Family home for reunification and intensive treatment
    • Accreditation training and support
    • An option to purchase the entire Start up to Accreditation Package, and Do it for Yourself
  • Consulting services for case-work
    • One-on-one
    • Case-review
    • Support and training for service providers
  • Cultural Ceremonies and events
    • Pipe ceremonies
    • Round dances
    • Woman's, Men's and youth talking circles, private, group or co-ed
    • Storytelling, Drum, Rattle and Regalia making
    • Sacred Sweat Lodge Facilitator


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Mistik Waskihk Consulting and Training
Robin & Marie McLeod

Over the past six years, we have had the honour and the privilege to offer a Culturally sensitive and aware group-care service option to both the Child and Family Services Authorities (CFSA) and Delegated First Nation Agencies (DFNA) from across the province of Alberta.

As we announce our retirement from the front line of group care, we would like thank those who have used our program and announce that Mistik Waskihk Cultural Healing Inc. is available for consultation to those who have an interest and desire to open an Aboriginal-focused, culturally sensitive program.

With our knowledge and experience comes credibility that Mistik Waskihk Cultural Healing Inc. is able to assist those who are seriously contemplating, able, and willing to open a program that can serve the dynamic needs of children in care through such traditional teachings as the Medicine Wheel.

As the focus of programming is on measurable outcomes, Mistik Waskihk Cultural Healing Inc. can assist in a wide range of topics, programs, and tools such as:

• determining a proper location for the program;

• obtaining necessary levels of approval and accreditation (i.e. community/provincial/national);

• developing daily operations; and

• facilitating the program's successful opening.

Mistik Waskihk Cultural Healing Inc. is also available to provide any ongoing training/workshops that will assist in quality service delivery.

Should you like to inquire more about what we have to offer, please feel free to contact us in any of the following means:

Office: 780-943-2592

Cellular: 780-719-7471

Fax: 780-943-0004

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Lyle and Jade Tootoosis